Jennifer Johnson creates sculptures from
her imagination and from gathering
imagery from her daily life. After working
with metal since 1991. She is amazing at
starting a sculpture with a thought and a
piece of steel, rarely putting her thoughts
on paper. Construction carefully begins
with framework so that she can establish
balance in her desired form. Then, like
putting a jigsaw puzzle together, Jennifer
Johnson welds the chosen found objects
and new steel to create a beautiful form,
fluid, graceful, and intriguing.
Jennifer Johnson focuses mainly on the
creation of female figures and horses.
And often a combination of the two.
Jennifer grew up in a very creative
family and was encouraged to draw
and paint at an early age. Most of these
drawings introduce the subject matter
she is currently interested in. Drawing
inspiration from her family and
observing life, Jennifer produces
whimsical and endearing moments of
time that is easy to relate to. To the
right, Balancing Act is a piece Jennifer
created that symbolizes the challenge
of life as a single parent and career
Jennifer has begun a new line of bronze
Favorite Links
Jennifer is constantly searching for unique
pieces of steel. An obvious sign of found
treasure made of steel is rust.            
"This is an exciting way to clean       
up the environment and create
something new from pieces of history,"
Jennifer explains.
Jennifer's favorite found materials were
historically significant at the turn of the
century, when miners, horse drawn
carriages, and hand made agricultural
farming implements were prevalent.   
found objects
Jennifer Johnson